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Nationwide $50 Online Virus & Spyware Removal

That's right, we are offering a low flat fee nationwide online virus removal service.

Remote Virus Removal Service includes:

  • Removal of all Live Virus, Spyware, and Rootkit infections your PC may have.
  • Windows updates to keep computer as secure as possible.
  • Test and update of your current antivirus OR recommendation of superior antivirus solution.

    Us   Big Retailers PC Manufacturers
Flat Fee
Services start at $99
Per hour charge with no guarantee of cleaning.
Keep your settings and programs
wipe & reload
wipe & reload
Your Home or Office
Must carry in
NO, phone support only!

Online virus cleaning has following advantages:

  • Great price for professional virus removal
  • No need to unplug or carry PC around
  • Convenient scheduling (weekend and evening appointments available).
  • Safe, no data is sent from your pc (only pictures of your screen).
  • Fast, we can usually finish removing all Live virus infections within 3-6 hours.

Sadly most of our competitors will not even try to clean up infections, to them it is just easier to wipe your computer and let you deal with re-installing all your programs (if you can find the original disks). We deal with many types of infections from trojans to rootkits, with our thorough cleaning we only need to wipe your OS about 10% of the time.

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